Internet Cafe Service

Do you own a cafe now that could use Internet access to boost trade?
Ever thought of opening your own Internet Cafe, but don't know where to start?

We can help!

Leave all the technical stuff to us while you make the coffee and collect the money. We can get you up and running in about two weeks - from scratch! And we don't mess around...

How much? Less than you think, and with our honest pricing policy you won't get a nasty shock. Of course, no one will tell you how much it's going to cost you up front... except us!


Installation £285

Includes installing Broadband/ADSL on an existing BT line, a suitable router and cabling for one or two PCs (yours or ours).

Cyber café PCs £880 each INSTALLED

Good specification Internet PC (usually IBM) with Windows XP and flat-panel monitor, includes installation, cabling and configuration.

Network Costs from £5.50 a week!

This is a high speed network connection suitable for two or three PCs - run up to fifteen for less than £10/week if required, and if you need more than that just ask - you know the answer will be yes!

Wireless Access?

For a one-off setup cost of £200 we'll add a wireless network for you so that your customers can surf the net from the own handheld or laptop. It'll be hard to charge them, but while they're working who's going to be supplying the coffee?


Worried about the up-front costs? Don't be - we can do the whole lot for £10/day - connection, single PC, desk - the works! (Subject to minimum contract of three months - and we'll let you pull out of that for £200). Extra PCs from as little as £3/day - connected!

Other stuff

We can offer you a maintenance service to keep the whole lot going - if you have a problem, we come running. We can't tell you what this'll cost without knowing your situation. We can also supply suitable furniture or arrange to have your premises fitted out as a custom cyber café if you wish.

Interested? Call Frank on 0870-740-7150 or 07941-724-841 (mobile)
or email

This is a trade service not available to the general public. All prices exclude VAT. Internet connection subject to availability - there is always a way but in rural areas you may have to pay more for a satellite link (in extreme cases). We never give up! The service is provided by FJL Microsystems in association with The Eye of the Tiger Promotions.