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Former Two-Times Undisputed Welterweight Champion of the World
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The Eye of the Tiger

New top-up service
Now you can call the world from your mobile at our fantastic rates! You can top up any 'phone, mobile or landline without bills, contracts or credit cards.


Prices slashed!
We've been cutting prices this October!
Call anywhere in China for the cost of a BT national call!
Ghana inc. mobiles: 15p - Brazil: 10p - Sri Lanka inc. mobiles: 20p - India 15p - Bangladesh 15p - Pakistan inc mobiles 20p
Eye of the Tiger ring-tone
Get the ultimate in ring-tones from the Eye of the Tiger. All tones for all tastes, plus logos and screen savers for the hottest mobiles.
We bring you the world!
We've fixed it so you can call your mates anywhere in the world without it costing a packet. America 5p/minute - Nigeria 10p - Jamaica 15p!
John Leslie on video
see what he has to say for yourself.

Internet Cafe service
In assocation with FJL Microsystems and Zen Internet, The Eye of the Tiger is pleased to announce a new service for anyone wanting to start an Internet cafe. It's simple: we take care of all the  technical stuff while you brew the coffee and collect the money!

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