Dial 0905 257 5314 followed by your  international number.

Speak to the following countries for 20p*

Albania; Albania, Mobile; Andorra, Mobile; Angola; Angola, Mobile; Aruba; Aruba, Mobile; Azerbaijan; Azerbaijan, Mobile; Bangladesh, Mobile; Bhutan; Bhutan, Mobile; British Virgin Island; British Virgin Island, Mobile; Burundi; Burundi, Mobile; Cayman Islands; Cayman Islands, Mobile; Christmas Island; Christmas Island, Mobile; Cyprus; Cyprus North, Mobile; Cyprus, Mobile; Czech Republic, Mobile; Denmark, Mobile; Ecuador; El Salvador; El Salvador, Mobile; Finland, Mobile; French Antilles; French Antilles, Mobile; French Guiana; French Guiana, Mobile; Gabon Republic; Gabon Republic, Mobile; Germany, Mobile; Greece Athens, Mobile; Guadeloupe, Mobile; Guinea; Guinea, Mobile; Indonesia Jakarta, Mobile; Ireland, Mobile; Ivory Coast; Kazakhstan; Kazakhstan, Mobile; Kuwait; Latvia; Latvia, Mobile; Lesotho; Lesotho, Mobile; Libya; Libya, Mobile; Lithuania; Lithuania, Mobile; Malta, Mobile; Mayotte Island; Mayotte Island, Mobile; Mexico Mexico City, Mobile; Mexico, Mobile; Moldova; Moldova, Mobile; Netherlands Antilles; Netherlands Antilles, Mobile; Nigeria; Nigeria, Mobile; Norway, Mobile; Pakistan; Pakistan, Mobile; Papua New Guinea; Papua New Guinea, Mobile; Poland, Mobile; Romania; Romania, Mobile; Rwanda; Rwanda, Mobile; Serbia and Montenegro; Serbia and Montenegro, Mobile; Slovakia, Mobile; Sri Lanka; Sri Lanka, Mobile; Thailand, Mobile; Tokelau; Tokelau, Mobile; Trinidad and Tobago; Trinidad and Tobago, Mobile; Uganda; Uganda, Mobile; UK, Mobile; Zambia; Zambia, Mobile;

*20p is the rate BT would charge standard residential customers for calls to this number. If you are not using a BT line or have a special tariff arrangement you should check with your service provider to determine the exact cost.