Dial 0905 306 5348 followed by your  international number.

Speak to the following countries for 15p*

Algeria; Algeria, Mobile; American Samoa; American Samoa, Mobile; Argentina; Argentina Buenos Aires, Mobile; Argentina, Mobile; Bahamas; Bahamas, Mobile; Bangalore; Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Hyderabad; Bangladesh; Bermuda; Bermuda, Mobile; Bombay; Botswana; Botswana, Mobile; Brazil, Mobile; Brunei; Brunei, Mobile; Bulgaria; Caracas; Colombia; Colombia, Mobile; Costa Rica; Costa Rica, Mobile; Croatia; Delhi; Dominican Republic; Estonia, Mobile; Georgia; Georgia, Mobile; Ghana; Ghana, Mobile; Greece, Mobile; Guadeloupe; Hyderabad; Iceland, Mobile; India; India, Mobile; Indonesia, Mobile; Iran, Mobile; Jamaica; Jamaica, Mobile; Korea South, Mobile; Madras; Malawi; Malawi, Mobile; Malta; Mariana Islands; Mariana Islands, Mobile; Mexico; Monaco, Mobile; Mozambique; Mozambique, Mobile; Namibia; Namibia, Mobile; Paraguay Asuncion; Peru; Philippines; Philippines, Mobile; Portugal, Mobile; Saint Pierre; Saint Pierre, Mobile; Slovenia; Swaziland; Swaziland, Mobile; Thailand; Thailand Bangkok, Mobile; Turkey; Turkey Istanbul, Mobile; Turkey, Mobile; Ukraine; Ukraine Kiev, Mobile; Ukraine, Mobile; Venezuela Caracas;

*15p is the rate BT would charge standard residential customers for calls to this number. If you are not using a BT line or have a special tariff arrangement you should check with your service provider to determine the exact cost.