The Eye of the Tiger Telephone

Save a packet by making your international calls with us!

No Credit Card, no account, no contract - just use our special numbers and you can speak to your mates overseas for just 5p/minute!*

All you need to do is dial one of our special UK numbers followed by the International number of the person you want to speak to - it's that simple. All you pay for is the cost of the UK call. You can do this from any 'phone, any time (including mobiles).

The actual amount you pay depends on the 'phone you use - whatever that 'phone company would charge you for the UK call, that's what you pay for the international call. How do we get paid? Simple - the 'phone company you use gives us a cut and we buy the international call out of that.

Or if you prefer, try Tiger's new top-up service and call from your mobile too!

Example country
(many more available!)

BT price**

Our Price

Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Japan, Russia, Europe, Taiwan, Brazil, China and Hong Kong


 from 5p/minute!
Istanbul, Nigeria (Lagos only), South Africa, Iran,


Jamaica, India, Ghana, Bahamas, Philippines


just 15p/minute
- including Mobiles!
Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Zambia, Gabon, Libya


just 20p/minute
- including Mobiles!

See the full list of countries here! 

* Many countries can be reached using a BT national-rate 0870 or low-rate 0844 number (5p/minute!); some countries cost a bit more. Sorry if yours is one of them but we've done the best deal we can for you.

** BT's prices checked on 06-Sep-2003 and represent what BT would charge a normal residential customer to talk for one minute to the country shown. Unfortunately BT's pricing is so complex you'll have to check with them to find out the price for a particular country, from a particular telephone at the particular time of day. Click here to use BT's call charge calculator to work it out - it's a laugh!