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Technical Requirements


All video on is encoded in ReadVideo, and you will need RealPlayer to view them. If your computer didn't come equipped with the necessary you can download RealPlayer Basic from Real Systems for no charge, but think about purchasing RealPlayer Plus from them - it's like Basic but even better. We recommend using RealPlayer 8, which is still available from Real Systems website if you keep looking. Later versions, although compatible, are more intrusive and resource-hungry.


Audio files are encoded in standard MP3 format at 128Kbps stereo. The samples you may have listened to are in ReadAudio format at 20kbps mono. MP3 files can be played back on any Macintosh or IBM compatible computer with suitable media player software, or downloaded to your MP3-enabled stereo system.

Receiving your files

E-mail Delivery

Links to your purchased files will also be e-mailed to the address you specified when you placed the order. You can use these links to download your purchases for three days following the acceptance of your order.

On-line Receipt Delivery

When your order is placed you will be taken to a screen showing your receipt. Where you have purchased digital delivery items. You can click on the items in the receipt to download them immediately.
Do not bookmark the receipt page. Unfortunately it will not be there if you try to close it and return to it. This is because it is created especially for you after the transaction and will not be created again for security reasons.

Technical Support

If you are having difficulties configuring your media player to view or play the files you have purchased (or even free samples downloaded from this site) you should consult the media player's documentation in the first instance. If you cannot find a solution to your problem you should then contact the media player's supplier for technical support.

Likewise, if your browser is having difficulty downloading media files you should contact the browser manufacturer first for help. Although we'd like to solve the worlds problems, we can't know as much about Microsoft's, Netscape's and Real Systems' products as they do!

If, having tried the manufacturers support options, you would still like to contact us you can send an e-mail to and we'll do our best to get an answer to your question. Don't misunderstand - we're happy to hear from you and help you out if possible.

If you would like an immediate response, we have an arrangement with FJL Micro to provide telephone support on this and any other problems you may be having with your computer. The telephone number is premium rate, costing £1/minute at all times (most of which goes to the taxman and telephone company) but we can guarantee that you won't end up speaking to a student reading from a script. The line will only be answered by someone who really knows what he's talking about, and if no one is available it won't be answered. The number to call is 0870-740-7150 (calls charged at £1/minute from normal UK telephone, but may cost more than this from mobiles. Check with your telephone provider and obtain permission from the telephone bill payer before dialing)